http://www.highlandsaustralianlabradoodles.comA lot of dog owners in the US end up buying dogs that aren’t exactly what they thought they were. That’s because there are a lot of breeders in the country that claim to be selling one type of dog when they’re actually selling a mutt or entirely different type of dog. Since certain breeds of dog demand higher prices, a lot of breeders claim to be selling a dog of a certain value when they’re actually selling a totally different breed of dog. Of course, most dog owners don’t really care that much, and they end up loving whatever it is that they buy. Dogs are funny in that way; you just can’t help but love them. Still, if you think you’re getting a labrador and you end up with a golden retriever, you might be kind of upset, especially if you really wanted a labrador. Thus, it’s important to make sure that you’re only buying certified dogs and that you have an agreement that if the dog turns out to be something different from what the breeder said you can return it. Most people wouldn’t do this, but it’s nice to have the option.

If you’re looking to purchase Australian cobberdog puppies for example, you should make sure that you’re only buying from a breeder that’s MDBA certified. The Master Dog Breeders Association is a group that’s committed to ensuring that the dogs one breeder is selling are exactly the type of dogs they claim to be selling. When a breeder is MDBA certified, they’ve gone through a formal process and had their establishment inspected to ensure that the dogs they’re selling purebreds. Thus, if you’re buying from an Australian cobberdog breeder in Parker, Colorado and they have the MDBA certification, you can virtually guarantee that what they’re selling is Australian cobberdogs. If a breeder claims to be selling this type of dog but they don’t have the certification, there’s really no way of knowing if they’re telling the truth.

The problem is that most people either don’t know exactly what a certain breed should look like, or they aren’t sure when they look at the puppies because puppies can often look pretty similar. That’s how people end up getting a different type of dog than they thought they were. Well, when they purchase from a breeder with the MDBA certification, they know that a third party has verified that they’re actually selling the type of dog they say they are. If you’re really stuck on getting a certain type of breed, then you need to make sure you’re only buying from breeders with this certification.

One cobberdog breeder in the Denver area with this certification is Highlands Australian Cobberdogs. Since they cared enough about the integrity of the breed to get the certification, you also know they care about each animal they’re breeding. Highlands Australian Cobberdogs goes out of their way to ensure that every dog they breed is cared for in the proper way until their owner purchases them, and that means they’re selling some of the highest-quality labradoodles in the country.