you move into a new apartment, you’re typically given a lease to sign. That lease has a number of pieces of information on it, such as when you should pay your rent, how much your rent is, what limitations there are on what you can do inside your apartment, and who to contact in the case of an emergency. That last point, what to do in an emergency, usually comes with a few stipulations, namely what constitutes an emergency and what does not. If the water won’t work or you have a massive leak, that’s an emergency. If your window stops working properly or your garbage disposal is acting funny, that is not. They put these stipulations on the lease so that they’re able to handle all of the actual emergencies immediately, rather than taking phone calls all day for things that can be fixed over the course of the next week or so.

The point here was just to showcase an example of what constitutes an emergency and what does not. It’s a good lesson to understand when it comes to dental care. Some people out there think that every single issue with their teeth is an emergency, and that’s simply not the case. When you have a cavity and it needs to be filled, that does not constitute an emergency. The same thing goes for teeth whitening, dental veneers, and even a dental crown. However, if you’re experiencing extreme pain in your mouth and you’re not sure what’s going on, that would constitute an emergency.

If you’re having extreme pain in your mouth, it’s quite likely that you’re a candidate for emergency extractions. This basically means that a tooth in your mouth has reached such a state that it needs to be pulled from your mouth as quickly as possible. If the tooth is not removed quickly, you could end up in such bad pain that you can’t do anything, or you could get an infection that spreads to other parts of your body. This is serious stuff. Therefore, if you’re experiencing a sharp pain in your mouth and you believe you need to get a tooth pulled right away, you need to contact an emergency dentist immediately.

Emergency extractions have to be handled quickly because of the threat they pose to the rest of your health. Infections are a nasty business, and an infection in your mouth can easily spread to other parts of your body. If that happens, it would constitute a medical emergency. Thus, don’t put off emergency extractions until the dentist’s office opens. Instead, contact their emergency line and see if they can get you in right away. The issue needs to be addressed as quickly as humanly possible.

Emergency dentists like Wohrman Dental Group understand this, which is why they always have an emergency dentist on call. When one of their patients is dealing with an emergency extraction, they understand how important it is to get them in right away, and that’s exactly what they do.