Over the past few decades, concrete flooring has been pegged as an essential material in industrial structures.

The usage of concrete flooring and its related processes such as concrete finishing and concrete polishing is so profound in industrial properties that they have now made their way to residential spaces largely due to that frequency of utilization.

However, said utilization and its influence is no longer limited to large scale constructions or inspired residential properties, but has transcended into providing construction and décor solutions to small sized business and their commercial and retail spaces.

Thus, if you own a small business with a commercial or retail space, then here’s why looking into solutions such as polished concrete floors would be a viable option for you as well.


They are Extremely Easy to Obtain

Unlike the installation of new vinyl floors in order to gain some durability for your flooring, the process of concrete polishing is extremely easy to follow if you have it done through a reliable concrete finishing provider.

concrete polishing

The procedure allows you to “grind” your existing floors, and then follow with special concrete finishing in order to provide the flooring with unmatched sheen and aesthetics. Depending on the size of your project, it takes only mostly two days in order to complete a concrete polishing project with no special materials required to be installed.


They Can Withstand High Traffic While Looking Good

Apart from aesthetics and durability against spills and stains, polished concrete floors are also known for sustaining a lengthy life through high traffic areas such as retail stores or malls.

This is possible due to simple yet effective concrete finishing and coating procedures which ensure that your polished concrete floors can withstand high traffic and movement, making them an ideal and attractive choice for locations that see a high frequency of people moving about all day. If you opt for special concrete coatings, then you can ensure that the sheen and durability of your ordinary concrete floors is enhanced significantly.


They are Cost Effective

Once again, unlike other upgrade solutions, all it takes for your concrete floor to look good as new is for it to have some concrete polishing and concrete finishing procedures executed in a proper manner.

The procedures do not burn a hole in your pocket and instead provide you with a highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and extremely durable floor, all at minimal costs as compared to external flooring solutions.

They are Versatile

Polished concrete floors can also be complemented with a few stain and dye coatings in order to give your concrete floors a whole new look with methods such as concrete resin flooring. This provides you with an extensive yet amazing line of aesthetically pleasing options to update the décor of your commercial space.

When you are about to redo your commercial space for whatsoever reason, you do not need to strip down the whole concrete floor due to your past coating and color choice. Instead, opt for concrete restoration services in order to essentially reset the flooring to its original state, and apply new coatings according to your new design profile.