Now that cannabis is legal in all of Canada for recreational use and in a growing number of states within the United States of America, more and Marijuana Seed startersmore people are able to grow their own cannabis plants in the comfort of their own living space. Some people might choose to create their own growing space for their cannabis plants. For those people who want to do this, they will need to know about cannabis seeds and how to use a cannabis seed starter.


Cannabis has female and male reproductive parts that can be found on separate individuals. Plants can either be male, female or both. The best cannabis buds are found on female plants. They yield seedless, potent flowers that are highly sought after.


For cannabis plants to reproduce, the flower of female cannabis plants needs to be pollinated by a male plant. After that happens, the female cannabis plant produces cannabis seeds. Once those cannabis seeds become mature, the female cannabis plant will then start to die. The seeds will then naturally fall to the ground.


In the wild, these cannabis seeds would then turn into new cannabis plants the following spring. These seeds can also be harvested to create hemp oil or they can be germinated by a cannabis plant grower using cannabis seed starters.


Not all cannabis seed starters are created equally. For the best cannabis seed starters, head on over to Spiked Soil. Once you have your cannabis seed starter in your possession and your grow space all set up and your cannabis seeds in your possession, there is a list of things you will want to do to achieve successful results when it comes to germinating your seeds. There are also several ways that you can choose to germinate your cannabis plant seeds.


Germinating your cannabis seeds isn’t as difficult as you might think. Cannabis plant seeds only require three things to germinate and those things are air, heat and water. This simply means that there are several ways available to germinate your cannabis plant seeds. One way that you might already be thinking of is the trusty wet paper towel method. For this method, take five paper towel sheets and really soak them through using distilled water. Make sure you don’t have too much distilled water soaked into your paper towels to the point that excess water is just running right out of it. Next, put the cannabis plant seeds on the paper towel sheets that are now resting on a plate, making sure to space out your cannabis seeds an inch apart or more. Then, cover up your cannabis seeds with the three remaining paper towel sheets. Then create a safe and dark environment for your cannabis seeds by placing another plate on top, creating a dome. Finally, make sure the area where you are trying to germinate your cannabis plant seeds is between seventy and ninety degrees Fahrenheit.


With some patience, your cannabis seeds will germinate perfectly. Congratulations, you are now ready to plant and grow your seeds into large and healthy cannabis plants!