how widespread medical marijuana now is in the US, it shouldn’t surprise you in the least that there are thousands of doctors across the country handing out marijuana cards. These cards are essentially prescriptions that make it possible for people to purchase medical marijuana. Without a recommendation from a doctor and a card, you can’t legally purchase medical marijuana in any state, even if you truly could benefit from it. You have to take the step of actually speaking with a medical marijuana doctor and obtaining a prescription/card.

The way that was phrased above makes it sound like there are just doctors standing on street corners handing out marijuana cards to anybody who wants them. That’s not quite how it works. Different states have different regulations regarding medical marijuana, but all of them require some sort of threshold in order for a patient to get the okay to consume medical marijuana. They essentially have to prove to the doctor that they’re suffering from symptoms that medical marijuana could help. This could be anything from chronic headaches to anxiety, but they have to present some sort of symptom that the doctor believes could be treated with the right type of medical marijuana.

Even if you can prove to a doctor that you need medical marijuana, your first step has to be finding such a doctor. As was already mentioned, there are a lot of cannabis doctors across the country, but not all of these doctors operate in the same way. Some of them are difficult to get into because their schedules are incredibly busy, and some of them are really stingy with who they’ll give medical marijuana cards to. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing because medical marijuana isn’t for everyone, but if someone is suffering from chronic pain and they’re trying to avoid having to take painkillers, doctors should be willing to prescribe them marijuana. Marijuana has been shown to help in such situations, and it should be prescribed to people who need it.

In order to find a quality medical marijuana doctor, you have to know what you should be looking for. There are lots of things to be thinking about, but mainly you want to find a doctor that will see you within a couple of days, that’s willing to prescribe medical marijuana to people who need it, and who’s going to listen to you while you relay your symptoms. That’s really all you need to be looking for.

Fortunately for people looking to secure medical marijuana cards, there are services like Heally out there. Heally is an online service where you pay them a fee and then they get you in touch with a medical marijuana doctor right away. They set up these meetings over video conferences, so a person can sign up with them online and then be talking to a marijuana doctor on their computer or smartphone within just a few minutes. It’s one of the simplest ways to obtain a medical marijuana card that there is.