While growing marijuana in secluded and limited settings such as indoor cultivation shelves is fairly easy, managing a marijuana greenhouse is more nuanced.

Since greenhouse cultivation deals with mass production of marijuana, the plants at various stages need different and specific type of attention based upon specific requirements of the plants and their reaction to different cultivation environments, such as the requirement for different amounts of exposure to light and heat as well as other environmental phenomenon.

This crucial attention to detail and provision of different elements to several plants in the same greenhouse is what makes the process of a cannabis greenhouse a bit complicated. However, the issues needs to be dealt with effectively rather than the whole concept being abandoned, since mass production of marijuana is crucial for various segments.

For instance, it remains important for recreational marijuana dispensaries for the attainment of their business, while it is also just as imperative for medical marijuana centers where patients need it for pain and anxiety relief as well as various other reasons.

That is where the concept of zone segmentation comes in, and revolutionizes the mass cultivation of marijuana.

Zone Segmentation in a Marijuana Greenhouse

As mentioned above, different marijuana plants at various stages of their lives need differing and specific treatment, which if not provided could be detrimental to them.

That is why zone segmentation proves to be a revolutionary yet necessary step in the right direction.

greenhouse construction

Simply put, zone segmentation is the practice of diving your greenhouse’s interior sections into different segments with the help of greenhouse walls and equipment, which allows you to place certain plants in secluded sections in order to meet their specific needs.

For instance, if you have marijuana plants that are currently growing through their first week or so, then you may need to provide them with especially developed greenhouse heating systems and greenhouse ventilation systems. However, since they are the only plants in the need of this special exposure, doing the same for other plants in their vicinity would actually have negative effects on their health.

If you have implemented zone segmentation in your greenhouse, then this problem would be resolved in such a manner that it would seem it never existed in the first place.

With zone segmentation, you can create special areas with greenhouse dehumidifiers, greenhouse ventilation and greenhouse heating that would only target a set diameter of the whole greenhouse in order to meet the needs of your plants.

This ensures that even though you are cultivating your marijuana at a massive scale in your greenhouse either for a recreational cannabis business or to help patients who need medical marijuana products, that you are doing so while giving the utmost attention to each plant under your care and the people associated with you.

With zone segmentation, you can limit the effects of special block out equipment for lighting; ventilation systems for air circulation; and heating systems for providing the plants with some much needed warmth. This ensures that you are rising up to the occasion of providing each plant what it needs.

Zone segmentation is not difficult to implement and can be pre-built in a greenhouse design if you speak to your greenhouse construction expert about it. Just remember that a few extra costs could be involved, but then again, the benefits would outweigh the costs by a large margin.