any given time, between four million and five million Americans are wearing some form of braces on their teeth. That number comes from the American Association of Orthodontics, so you can assume it’s quite accurate. That means tens of millions of Americans will get braces or some form of teeth straightening device in their lifetimes, which is a rather significant number. When you think of it that way, it’s not surprising that many orthodontic professionals spent their time trying to figure out if there was a better product than traditional braces. Traditional braces, as you know, are made up of metal brackets which are attached to specific teeth, and then a wire is run through them. This wire can be tightened, which in turn pulls on the brackets and thus the teeth, moving them into their correct position over a period of months or years.

The problem with traditional braces is that they’re bulky, uncomfortable, and incredibly noticeable, meaning people are aware when you’re wearing braces. They have to be tightened regularly, which can be uncomfortable and downright painful, you’re not allowed to eat certain foods when you’re wearing them because you could damage them, and you often get small cuts on the inside of your mouth. They obviously work quite well to help people straighten their teeth and people are grateful to their braces when they’re done doing their job, but while people are actually wearing them braces are their worst enemy.

Given how unpopular braces are, especially among older ortodoncia patients, it’s not hard to see why Invisalign has become so popular. Invisalign is a product that uses clear trays to move a person’s teeth rather than traditional braces. This product is made up of a series of clear trays that are designed to move the teeth a small amount until it’s the next trays job. You put on the first tray and let it move your teeth slightly, and then you move onto the next tray and so on until the job is complete. There are several benefits to this type of product. For one thing, the trays can be removed whenever the patient wants to remove them, meaning they can take them out when they’re eating or when they have a job interview. Of course, the more frequently a person wears them the shorter amount of time they’ll have to use them, but it gives the patient the freedom to wear them when they want. Also, since they’re clear, many people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them. At the very least they’re much more unnoticeable than traditional braces. And not only are Invisalign trays easy to remove and quite indiscreet, but they also work just as well as traditional braces. It’s not hard to see why adults, who don’t want to be seen wearing traditional braces, are so much more likely to choose Invisalign if given the option.

If Invisalign sounds like the teeth-straightening product for you, speak with an orthodontist like those at Dr. Roberto Carrillo y Asociados today about these clear plastic trays. You might be happily surprised to learn that they’ll work for you.