Parker Center Animal ClinicYou may have heard people talk about preventative health care for people. Did you know that pet preventative care is also a thing? Just like taking care of yourself can keep you healthy for a long time, taking care of your pet can also improve their help. Even if your pet is not sick, participating in pet preventative care can make them healthier, and can keep them healthier for a long time.

Healthy pet check-ups are one way to keep your animal healthy. Just as you take children to the doctor every year to make sure that they are growing well and that there’s nothing obviously wrong, you should also take your pet to the doctor every year. Your vet will ask you questions about how well your pet is eating, if you have any concerns, and will check a few routine things. This can help detect conditions before they become significant, and may even allow you to begin treating conditions in your pet before your pet has any problems.

You should also keep up with your pet vaccinations. This can help you keep your pet around for a long, long time. Many of these vaccinations will need to be done during the first few months of life. However, some vaccinations, like rabies, will need to be repeated about every year or so. While the vaccinations are not necessarily pleasant for you or your pet, a small amount of pain can lead to quite a lot of gain.

Many people don’t believe that they need to take their animal to the vet unless it is sick. However, this is not necessarily true. While you can often Google your pet symptoms and come up with home remedies for them, the truth is that only a vet can actually diagnose your pet with something. Some animals, for instance, growl or become mean when they are in pain. Families may try to change the dog’s behavior, without realizing that the animal is actually hurting.

Pet preventative care can also help with chronic conditions. Many breeds are often subject to things like hip dysplasia. If this is detected early, there are things that can be done to mitigate some of the effects, or to keep your pet comfortable and moving well for a longer time. If you wait until your animal is hurting or not moving very well, your treatment options may be more limited. This is true of many conditions that pets can suffer from.

It’s also important to remember that our pets age faster than we do. You may think that not going to a doctor for 2 years is not a big deal. However, for some pets, this is the equivalent of not going to a doctor for 5 to 10 years. Clearly, we all need to see the doctor more often than that!
If you need a pet preventive care visit, call Parker Center Animal Clinic. We have expert vets who can see your animal quickly, get you in and out, and make sure that your pet is doing great!