There is a wide variety of marijuana and cannabis products available in marijuana dispensaries throughout the United States. After having legalized its use, states across the country have seen a great boom in the green industry resulting in the development of several stores and dispensaries spread throughout the area. This has resulted in the increased popularity and usage of marijuana products.

Organic CBD Drops

cannabis oil

The effects of marijuana stem from the two active compounds in the plant which are tetrahydrocannabidiol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). It is the absorption of these compounds into one’s system that brings about the desired effects of marijuana and cannabis usage including psychedelic episodes for recreational users and symptom treatment for medical users. Since marijuana and cannabis has become quite popular, products made from the plants are now much wider in variety and have improved in quality as opposed to when its use was outlawed and only low quality products were accessible and bore a risk to acquire.

Variety in the marijuana products available in marijuana dispensaries allows for recreational users to have a fun experience having access to multiple products whereas medical users will have more options when it comes to finding the right product to ease their symptoms. One of the most commonly used products is Cannabis Oil.

Popular among both recreational and medical users alike, cannabis oil has a high concentration of both active compounds found in marijuana as it is a raw extract of the plant. The richness of the oil in THC and CBD makes the product potent and provides stronger effects for the user such as its popularity among users.

For recreational users, cannabis oil can be added to dried marijuana buds acting as a glue that keeps the buds together making it easier to roll a joint. When smoked together, one can enjoy a fun and strong experience. For medical users, cannabis oil is an option when their symptoms are much more problematic and require a more potent dose of marijuana.

A particular use of Cannabis Oil that is not well known is topical application to the skin. Cannabis oil provides an alternative to other skin care products. The benefits of using cannabis oil on your skin includes the following:

  1. Supplied nutrients – Cannabis oil has nutrients which includes some helpful fatty acids and proteins that can improve the health of your skin. Once you apply the oil to your skin, it will feel much more nourished.
  2. Sealed youthfulness – As skin ages, it will start to lose its youthful glow. Endocannabinoids are one of the compounds contained in cannabis oil which when absorbed by the skin, will have a rejuvenating effect.
  3. Acne treatment – The topical application of cannabis oil provides a moisturizing effect to the skin which helps regulate the production of sebum which in turn reduces the chance of developing acne.
  4. Treatment of skin problems – Studies have shown that the topical application of cannabis oil helps in treatment of certain skin problems including skin allergies, moles, warts, etc. The oil also has the ability to counter abnormalities in skin cell growth.