Things in life are always changing and moving unless something hinders them, willingly or not. Progress flows like a river–it ebbs and flows. One moment it seems like the future is now and the world is at our fingertips. Other times, it is stifled and progress comes to a halt. When people think about the future theydon’t always know what to expect or what to imagine. The lens we look through to visualize our future is always shaped by present circumstances and feelings. For a very long time in our nation’s history, the future of cannabis was cloudy at best. Now, things are looking much brighter for the future of cannabis. It is much easier to see the future of cannabis now that it has ever been in recent history. Here is what the future holds for cannabis.


Recently, Senator Cory Booker introduced legislation that would legalize cannabis nationwide. This legislation gives an idea of what the future of cannabis looks like. As part of this legislation, when passed, and weed becomes perfectly legal everywhere in the United States, the bill would also expunge federal marijuana convictions and penalize states with racially-disparate arrest or incarceration rates for marijuana-related crimes. If you had a possession charge against you in the past, or even now in some states, you could have a difficult time finding a job. There are some conservative companies out there that still mistakenly think that cannabis is bad. If you want to get a job with a company like that you will have a much easier time doing so without any marijuana charges on your record. One this bill passes, that marijuana charge on your permanent record will completely vanish forever. No potential employer will be able to see that you had a weed-related charge on your record. How great is that?


The truth of the matter is, cannabis was not prohibited at one point. People have known about the benefits of cannabis since before 1840. Around that same time, there was an Irish doctor that found that cannabis extracts could ease symptoms of cholera, such as stomach pain and vomiting. Americans and Europeans could both buy cannabis extracts from doctors’ offices and pharmacies to help with ailments such as inflammation, insomnia, stomach aches, migraines and more. Marijuana was only made illegal for political reasons and didn’t have any real scientific backing behind the backward decision. A decision that would ultimately harm many people who would have benefitted from the use of cannabis had it not been made illegal illegitimately.


Modern research is backing up age-old claims that cannabis has real medical benefits. Cannabis is widely used to treat symptoms of pain and anxiety. Cannabis anxiety relief and cannabis pain relief comes in many forms, from concentrates to flower, to edibles to creams. A new and exciting product called NanoSerum is taking the cannabis industry by storm and people are loving it. NanoSerum can be used to treat both pain and anxiety. It can provide CBD pain relief and CBD anxiety relief via transdermal CBD. Likewise, it can also provide THC pain relief and THC anxiety relief via transdermal THC.