Redoing the look of your room or creating a certain setting can appear to be a challenge considering you might have to work on the colors, arrangement, and much more. However, such a task can easily be done all with the use of custom window treatments. With the right window treatment, you can take a bright room and cool it down and add more coziness or you can make a room feel lighter and let in more sunlight. Today, we are going to talk about different window treatment options and look into a few examples to find the right one for you.

Considered as unsung heroes among interior designers, curtains and drapes can make the room look fun or formal. They are able to filter out strong sunlight and can really the atmosphere and feel of the interior.

  1. Tiers – A popular choice for bathroom windows, tiers are made to cover the lower part of the window and are hung on panels with short rods and can give a traditional vibe to the room.
  2. Panels – When installed, panels can lengthen the appearance of a window or a door and thus making the room look more spacious. They are ideal for the dining and living area.

Often referred to interchangeably with blinds, shades are actually a less expensive type of custom window treatment and they do not have the distinguishable slats that are featured in window blinds and instead use a continuous fabric.

  1. Solar shades – These shades are great for reducing the glare of the sunlight and keeping you safe from the harm of UV rays. They are easy to clean and come in a variety of materials.
  2. Cellular shades – Thanks to their honeycomb design, cellular shades are really energy and cost efficient as they are great insulators making them a great option for the cold.

Featuring slats in their design and coming in a variety of hard materials, blinds are great when it comes to filtering light whether you want to let in a lot of light, just enough, or really block it out entirely.

  1. Faux wood blinds – Compared to wood blinds, these are easier to maintain and also cost less. Because of the quality of composites these days, faux wood blinds can look really convincing and still give you that classy vibe.
  2. Vertical blinds – Often used on patio and balcony doors or windows, vertical blinds can add some perspective to windows and doors with height and can work well to block out light.

Being sturdier than custom window blinds, window shutters are able to last much longer and also give an elegant aesthetic and still provide you with valuable functionality.

  1. Café style shutters – Typical having the height similar to that of tables, these shutters cover the lower half of your windows to prevent the sunlight from blinding you making it helpful in the kitchen and dining room.
  2. Plantation shutters – These shutters are good for rooms where you want to let in more natural light as plantation shutters feature wider spaces between the slats.