In the world of digital access, we have gradually settled into the mindset of learning crucial information related to any and every segment ourselves. However, whether it is about checking physical symptoms on various self-diagnosis websites, or obtaining legal advice by reading a few online excerpts from law books, the practice of “self-help” in critical matters could prove to be detrimental.

While WebMD’s diagnosis of presenting cancer as a possible disease for even the most benign of symptoms seems to be a running joke among everyone; it gets to be no laughing matter when a business puts itself at risk by downloading legal templates and using them in an actual situation, exposing itself to all kinds of financial and operational risks.

Online legal templates, while helpful, are not designed to replace actual legal advice. They are there for the reason of guidance, not counsel; yet most of us still make the mistake of using them in their entirety mostly because they are either free or way cheaper than hiring an actual business lawyer.

And in most cases, we get what we pay for: nothing.


How a Legal Template Can Cost You Your Business

Think about a scenario where you must make a partnership agreement with a potential client. The agreement necessitates a few documents.

Partnership Agreements

These documents are known to be lengthy and complex, you ensure to go through the template, change the names wherever they are required, and happily present said partnership agreement at your meeting. It gets signed and processed, but after a few months, you get into a dispute with the said partner.

It is at that time you learn that when put under the legal light, a clause in your thoroughly-read agreement tips the scale in the favor of your partner, and that makes you lose a fortune in terms of money while also causing a dent in your reputation as a business.

Nightmare scenario? We thought so too.

How to Avoid Such a Situation

As dreadful as the situation is to imagine, it is not too much of a stretch. Agreements happen, then they are followed by disagreements.

By not getting a partnership lawyer involved in the process, you choose to put yourself at risk.

You wouldn’t perform a root canal by yourself, you pay a visit to your dentist. Don’t scrimp on events that matter. Seek out legal advice and adhere to it.

Lawyers and those who provide business attorney and corporation attorney services are sought after because of their proficiency with business law consulting. Let the professionals handle the legal matters while you focus on the business development aspect of your company.

Having a business attorney that could keep you away from harmful situations should be an integral part of any of your business dealings. Instead of cutting corners with online templates, ensure to have sound legal advice at your disposal and have a business lawyer on board who could not only help you with partnership agreement and service agreement woes, but also assist you through the unpredictable waters of the business world in case you run into a hurdle with any of your partners or customers.